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The HITLIST Tool is the smarter alternative to click bait and pop-ups.


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The best thing about HITLIST is its simplicity. All you have to do is click! The prizes are good enough to get excited about, and if you miss out on one, you just keep going for the next one. Simple, easy, and rewarding!
Seth D. Prize Winner, UT
I grew my dental practice from $700,000 in annual revenue to $1.1M in annual revenue by using the HITLIST as my primary tool to find and interact with potential new patients.
Dr. Corbin Matthews Dentist
My sister and I sat on the sofa playing HITLIST for about an hour. It was SO. ADDICTING. The prizes we played for were amazing, and it's a great way to kill some time. I'll definitely be collecting some emails for referrals to play for even more prizes next time around!
Abby T. Prize Winner, WI
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