• Think of the radio game "caller #9 wins concert tickets."

    In its simplest form the HITLIST is the digital version of the radio concept “caller #9 wins concert tickets.” Take this simple concept and combine it with innovative user feedback technology and you have an extremely powerful tool that dramatically increases user site duration, social media engagement, and the ROI of your Prize Giveaways and Sweepstakes.

  • The Average Participant Hits the Button 400 Times Daily

    Instead of randomly choosing a prize giveaway winner at the end of a contest, participants race against each other to land on the winning number. Excitement builds as the hit number moves closer to the winning number…

  • Average Daily Site Duration Per Participant is 45 Minutes...

    Users are required to answer your questions during the course of gameplay. Questions have a 98% answer rate. Use questions to find new customers or gather valuable feedback.

  • Organically Increase the Size of Your Customer Base and Email Lists

    Contact information collected from participants is 99% accurate. Prizes are verified by the participant’s email address.

  • Seamless Admin Portal

    Generate reports, fulfill prizes, schedule contests, and download data from HITLIST’s easy-to-use admin portal.

  • White Labeled to Fit Your Brand

    All outward facing components are custom designed to match your brand.

  • Designed to Fit

    The HITLIST user module can be resized to fit virtually anywhere within your available real estate. Operate as a destination page within your site or as a modulized widget on an existing page.

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